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Aesthetic Department


Chenot Energetic Massage

This treatment aims to relieve and clear the energy flow in the meridians. With the help of suction cups re-equilibrates the energetic circulation, lymphatic system, and improves blood circulation promoting an extraordinary sense of wellbeing.

Benefits: Activates meridians and re-energises the body. Energising effect.

Chenot Relaxing Massage

This unique body massage promotes physical and mental relaxation for a profound feeling of wellbeing. This helps muscles to relax and frees the body and mind to recuperate after extensive physical or mental effort.

Benefits: Relaxes, reduces stress and balances the hormones.

Chenot Connective Tissue Massage

A deep muscle tissue massage designed to release chronic tensions that are often due to muscle inflammation and pain. It helps muscles to relax, to unclog stiffness, and to promote oxygenation.

Benefits: Improves posture, joint flexibility, circulation and oxygenation and reduces spasms and cramps. Improves the appearance and condition of the skin.

Chenot Lymphatic Manual Massage

Lymphatic drainage is a delicate, soft harmonious treatment that is performed in a rhythmic way. It is exceptionally relaxing, it improves the circulation of fluids in the body, it promotes the elimination of stagnant lymph and strengthens the immune system. It reduces swelling and water retention.

Benefits: Moves lymph and body fluids and removes waste and toxins from the body tissues.

Chenot Head and Shoulders Treatment

This treatment involves manual stimulation of the scalp, using a vibrating device and the application of essential oils, which are useful in improving blood and energetic circulation and promoting greater tissue oxygenation. The goal is to release the compression and tension in the cranial, neck and shoulder areas and alleviates stress and pain.

Benefits: Relaxes and releases tension. Very effective for migraine, headaches, neck and facial stress.

Chenot Cellulite Treatment

This treatment involves a deep manual massage of the targeted areas with draining action. It is combined with specific essential oils and vibratory applicators at certain frequencies, unrolling the fat deposits from the connective tissue. It promotes blood circulation and lymphatic flow.

Benefits: Skin looks youthful and even. The connective tissue receives a flexible, soft and healthy structure.

Chenot Abdominal Treatment

This treatment consists of a gentle but deep manual massage in the abdomen area that moves toxins out of the body and improves bowel function. Combined with the electrical stimulation of energy points frees the abdomen from swelling and bloating and helps to mobilize fat into the lymph.

Benefits: Improves bowel function and eliminates toxins and metabolic wastes providing a feeling of lightness.

Chenot Regenerating Treatment

This treatment is designed to stimulate deep breathing by opening the diaphragm, and ultimately, it deconstructs the tensions and relieves from stress allowing energy to flow within the body. When the body is tensed it develops constraints, the muscles get tight and breathing becomes shallow. When the breathing is shallow, the person is not getting the amount of oxygen that it needs.

Benefits: Promotes deeper breathing, re-energises and regenerates.


Chenot Facial Drainage Treatment

This treatment has a lymphatic drainage action with a decongestant effect, leaving the face and the eyelids less swollen and the entire face illuminated.

It decongests the skin, reduces swelling and contours the face.

Chenot Personalised Facial Treatment

Experience this signature facial treatment in which our skin specialists will provide you with a unique tailor-made protocol perfectly adapted to your skin needs. Preventing premature ageing and erasing fine lines and wrinkles, your skin is replumped, smoothed, and deeply treated with the best products to make your complexion fresh, radiant, and remarkably young.